Since we don’t pasteurize or add any preservatives to our juices, their shelf life is approximately 3-5 days.

We cold-press our juices on a daily basis to ensure you have the best quality products.

The juices are instantly sealed with double-lock bottle caps, refrigerated to ensure minimal nutrient loss, and sold within 24 hours of production.

Pasteurization is a process by which products are heated at a high temperature for a specific amount of time to kill potentially harmful bacteria. The major drawback in pasteurized juices, however, is that the essential nutrients and enzymes are destroyed during the process. We don’t pasteurize our juices, so you can expect maximum nutritional value with our products.
Juice cleansing is certainly not suitable for everyone, since the process temporarily restricts you from consuming protein and fat. Therefore, pregnant and breastfeeding women, individuals with a weak immune system, people who are experiencing certain symptoms or are on medication, as well as children and the elderly should steer clear of juice cleanses.
Yes, you can. When you perform a juice cleanse, you are supplied with sufficient calories and nourishments to keep your body functioning normally. You may experience an increase in brainpower, while is certainly good for work. However, if you have drowsy moments, all you need to do is a short walk to shake off.
You can perform a workout routine during your juice cleanses. However, make sure you’re doing only gentle exercises to avoid dizziness and injury.
Replace all diuretic stimulants and dehydrating foods and beverages, such as tea, coffee, soft drinks, and alcohol with water. Also, free your diet from processed foods, refined sugars, white and red meat, and dairy products. Ease your body into the juice cleanse by consuming more fresh fruits and vegetables, salads, as well as whole grains and pulses.
es and no. It depends on various factors, since everyone’s body is different. At Make it HAPPEN, we advise you not to focus on weight-loss as being your goal, but rather on health-gain benefits instead. Think of juice cleansing as a chance to reset your body, alkalize your system, and prepare your body for a healthier and more balanced lifestyle.
Again, the answer to this question is entirely up to you. Some of our clients prefer to cleanse when the excesses of life are taking their toll on their bodies, and this can mean anywhere from cleansing once a week to a 3-day cleanse every month. There is no right answer, but Make it HAPPEN recommends you make cold-pressed juice a part of your daily diet to strengthen your immune system and keep your body and mind in top condition.
We work very hard to make all our cold-pressed juices as organic as possible. However, it would be misleading to claim that all our products are 100% organic. Due to ambiguous organic certification processes, supply issues, and bacterial contamination concerns in Thailand, we can’t always guarantee that all our products are 100% organic. We have made it our top priority to source only the best and most environmentally friendly produce from local farmers, and only in doing so can we ensure that our purchases are in their freshest condition. We also take extreme caution and care when we wash and clean produce prior to juicing.
The processed juices you find at a typical grocery store contain very little nutritional value from the fruit and vegetables from which they are made - and you’ll find a lot of added sugar. With Make it HAPPEN’s cold-pressed juices, however, things are different.

Consider this; if you were to avoid raw fruit and vegetables for fear of sugar, where would you get your vitamins and minerals from? There is a big difference between added sugars and sugars that can be found naturally in fruit and vegetables. Juices made from organic produce contain various micronutrients, fiber, and naturally occurring sugars, which are actually good for your body, even necessary. Your concerns should be directed towards added sugar, which can contribute to health-related problems including obesity and nutrient deficiency.

At Make it HAPPEN we don’t add any sugar to our juices, whether it’s raw, unprocessed, or refined. It is true that when you drink our cold-pressed juices you are consuming sugar - but the kind of sugar that hasn’t been isolated from the vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients. This is why it has a positive effect on your body. The accompanying nutrients help mitigate the effect of sugar in fruit and vegetables so insulin levels in the bloodstream are balanced.