About Us

Make it HAPPEN Juice Co.,Ltd. was founded by two best friends who share a common interest in healthy living. Issara, founder of Make it HAPPEN, suffered allergy problems that resulted in exhaustion, fatigue, and headaches. She took her doctor’s advice and started drinking juices on a daily basis. Issara’s health conditions gradually improved over time after adopting a juice diet.

Issara teamed up with Nutchanart, co-founder of Make it HAPPEN, to learn more about the nutritional value of various fruits and vegetables. They experimented with cold-pressed juice recipes, making changes and additions along the way - recently they have added almond milk to their product line. They offered samples to friends in exchange for their suggestions. After many flavor experimentations and feedback from friends, the pair finally came up with a selection of cold-pressed juice and almond milk recipes - and so Make it HAPPEN was born.

Make it HAPPEN is always on the lookout for new flavors to add to our current product line. We believe that, by choosing only the best ingredients to produce our juice and almond milk, we can ensure that our customers will only ever be served fresh, tasty, and nutritious products they can trust and enjoy.