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Cold Pressed Juice - Bangkok, Thailand | Make it HAPPEN

We select only the best quality ingredients

so you can enjoy nutritious and delicious blends


At Make it HAPPEN, we believe that juice should only be sourced from fresh fruit and vegetables, and that it should contain maximum nutritional and enzymatic value. That’s why all our juices are cold-pressed, raw, unpasteurized, and free of preservatives and sugar, so the resulting nectar is rich in nutritional value and flavor.

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Juice Cleanses - Bangkok, Thailand | Make it HAPPEN
Almond Milk - Bangkok Make it HAPPEN

Make it HAPPEN’s Almond Milk

Pure almond milk made from 100% activated organic almonds

Almond Milk - Bangkok, Thailand | Make it HAPPEN
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Why Cold-Pressed Juice?
Make it Happen


Make it HAPPEN’s juices are cold-pressed, meaning that essential nutrients and vitamins are not destroyed during the process. Our juices help rid the body of accumulated toxins and keep your digestive system running smoothly. Your body will absorb nutrients more effectively, which reduces your food cravings and in turn helps you lose weight naturally.